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Island Flower Crown Festival Garland Headbands from Tropical Rose


Wholesale Ethnic and Tribal Handcrafted Bracelets, Necklaces, Earrings and Anklets.

Tribal, Ethnic and Native Handcrafted Jewelry

     Wholesale tribal beaded jewelry, handcrafted in Peru, Bali, Guatemala, Nepal and India.  Hand woven friendship bracelets from South America with bracelets displays. 

Glass and seed bead stretch bracelet

Glass bead stretch bracelets

Semi precious chip stretch bracelets with assorted charms

Semi precious chip stretch bracelets with assorted charms

Semi precious gemstone chip dangle earrings with wood accent beads by Tropical Rose

Stone chip dangle earrings

Round Wet and Wear Philippine Agsam vine bracelets by Tropical Rose

Carved and shaped wood bangles

Nepalese roll on Czeck seed bead bracelet

Nepal beaded roll over

Peruvian thread wrapped tear drop design earrings with glitter daisy

Daisy on thread wrap earrings

Guatemalan Glass and Crystal Mandala Dangle Earrings by Tropical Rose

Crystal beaded earrings

Monster Trendz Enamel Deity Pendants from Thailand on Leather Necklace
LR246-389N Series

Indian Deity Necks

Monster Trendz Enamel Deity Pendants from Thailand on Leather Necklace
LR213-389N Series

Indian Deity Necks

Peruvian seed bead and crystal cluster dangle earrings

Cluster beaded earrings

Indonesian woven seed bead and sequin flower stretch adjustable rings

Flower seed bead rings

Indonesian woven seed bead stretch bracelet with flowers

Flower seed bead bracelets


Handcrafted wholesale beaded earrings, beaded bracelets and woven string friendship bracelets brought to you from the tribal crafts of Peru, India, Nepal, Thaliand and Guatemala.
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